Electro Fusion

Electro Fusion MACHINE

It is the fittings which contain a voltage coil inside, connected by Electrofusion Welding Machine. The welding by electricity at the inside coil, the pipes and the equipment are melted by heating and become homogeneous . It is mostly used in gas pipe fusion and drinking water pipes.

  • Able to work in limited space, easy for installation or repair
  • The welding machine is lightweight, easy to relocate
  • No Leaking problem as the matter of pipes and equipment are homogeneous combined.
  • No Derating, none of any compression reduction value from the welding seam
  • Strong weld and less Fiction loss
  • Able get welded without turn of water flowing, in the welding pipes which separates from water pipes system
  • Control welding parameters by barcode

Electro Fusion FITTING

Electrofusion Coupler

Electrofusion Reducer

Electrofusion 90º Elbow

Electrofusion 45º Elbow

Electrofusion Equal Tee

Electrofusion Reducing Tee

Threaded Male Adaptor

Threaded Female Adaptor

Electrofusion Tapping Tee

Electrofusion Saddle Branch

Full Electrofusion Saddle Branch

Super Electrofusion Saddle

Under Pressure Drilling Toos