Mega Polytech Co., Ltd. provides HDPE pipes welding and installation service or customization by customer inquiries. Serve the best solution to the expectation of our clients including a professional team with more than 20 years experience in Thailand and overseas for design service of HDPE pipe installation.

With a professional team with more than 20 years of experience, both in the country and work abroad


Installation service

special order service/according to customer requirements

Welding and installation are the critical points for HDPE pipe systems, there are several methods for that such as the welding by heat which can apply with any size of pipe or using equipment as a conjunction. Commonly used nowadays are “Compression”, Fabricated, Stub End with Backing Ring.
But the most famous and reliable one is the method which uses heat for welding as it can be applied with pipes in every pressure layer (PN) and size; since 20 mm. to 2,0000 mm. etc. 

For other pipe jobs such as Corrugated, underground HDPE/EFLEX Electrical conduit, LDPE for agriculture or pipe termites including valve equipment about tap water and so on we are glad to provide a full-service operation to serve our customers.